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shounen_ai_ac is now open to In-character posting and IC POSTING ALONE.OOC posts here on will be removed.

Forgive your mod for taking as long as she has, I had intended to begin last week, but unfortunately, I was caught up in events to which I was taken from my computer (work, Christmas shopping,scrounging <_< ) But finally, I am ready to open the rp to well... rping!

Some of you are confused as to how this is going to work, and if there is really a specific storyline. As I said before, the story changes upon character interactions, and there is no specific event that we are pending on and carrying out. (if we rp with an evil scenerio, how can we focus on bishi love?) So, no- there is no evil going to be plotted or any of the such. (well, unless the rpers want to, but theres an extent you can go- no conquering of the planet will be allowed- but if you SHM want to stirr trouble about in ways not so extreme, thats fine. You can still be evil. It is IC after all.)

*sighs* so many parenthesis..

Oh yes- time frame. This is post ff7, and partways through ac. But no cataclysmic destruction. I don't care if you plot, just don't carry through too much. (I feel like I am repeating myself..) SHM do walk and exist, along with other characters that come in Advent Children.

heres a good example of the kind of rp we will host here. -> rk_onigokko. Rurouni Kenshin based, all the charactres collide into a real time relationship matrix. ( kindof like a reality drama? )</span>








shounen_ai_ac to you all! Have fun! And play dirty!  XD</span>

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