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(( here we go, I'm finally starting x3 *shoots self* ))

Its been two years since Meteor had been silenced..

Two years... although it sounds so small when you say it; living those years felt like they could have lasted a lifetime.. It just seemed so unreal.

I've been spending the whole day cleaning up around the church of Sector 5- and its not been exctiting in the least. I really do hate admitting it, but I kindof.. well, miss having constant action, the being-on-edge feeling in my gut I used to always carry.. I know it sounds immature- but I guess it goes as they say.. about how you can't teach an old dog new habits.

..Wait... did that even really make any sense? Oh well. Who cares.

It doesn't matter anyway. Tifa and I are getting along perfectly fine with our orphanidge, along with the 'Strife Delivery Service' which brings decent income.. things are actually looking quite holy compared to our stands back during the planet crisis. The times where we were so desperate, and where our own lives didn't seem to matter so much as we plunged into our fates.

Which... I still haven't come terms with on. But whatever. Perhaps I am just stubborn...

I continue to carry dismantled planks through the corridor of the Church hall and enjoy the glow the flowers eminate off of the ceiling. No matter how rotten Midgar had been, this place still carries a sense of hope for life and nature.

Ironic, really.

Hauling the wooden slabs out, I wipe my forehead and look up at the plate above, sighing out.

"Today.. is going to be another long, hot day."
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