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Advent Children Shounen-ai rpg's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Advent Children Shounen-ai rpg

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[December 31st, 2005]

[ mood | hungover ]


I stepped sluggishly out of the Shinra Inc lift, a few hasty employees in those annoyingly pristene suits rushing in and out of the opening doors, apparently not giving a damn about wether I was there or not, too busy on their own little pen-pushing errands to really care wether there was an unusually pissy Reno trailing reluctantly out of the lift before them. Not that any of them would have actually spoken to me if they did give a damn - I'm a Turk, right? The scum of the Shinra Company. Heh... even after two years of us guys in the uniforms helping rebuild Shinra - and their goddamn lives, actually - I guess that title never really wears away.

Two... Years?

I blinked subconsciously. Well damn, time flies pretty fast in Midgar, doesn't it? It doesn't seem like a month ago that me, 'Laney, and Rude were facing off against that chocobo-haired freak in the tunnels of Midgar, and it was actually... what? Two whole damn years?! Two whole years since meteor had hung over the face of this planet like some huge ugly boil waiting to burst. The planet had been on the edge of destruction - the whole world was getting ready to be blown to smithereens. There had been fear so potent in the air that you could stick out your tongue and taste it... and then what?


Absolutely goddamn nothing. Zero. The planet had been saved from getting screwed over, and now? Well hell, apart from a fresh lick of paint, a few people running around screaming about the apocolypse coming, nothing has changed. Shinra's still here, the President's still here, and I'm still here, doing exactly the same damn things as we did before. Heh I guess we're just never gonna learn - hell I know I wont: I've never been a fast learner.

I was brought back from my thoughts as the lift dinged shut behind me, leaving the level I was on damn near a ghost town. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my own footfall echoing annoyingly loud against the newly-painted walls of the new, improved Shinra HQ, and the sound of one of those stupid wallclocks on the wall opposite me... which I seriously didn't want to look at right now. I knew for a fact that I was an hour late for work when I'd actually bothered to get out of bed, so hell knows what time it was now.

Ok, so it wasn't unusual for me to be late... actually it was kinda more tradition by now, but that didn't stop certain goddamn annoying superiors of mine with little dots on their foreheads from still lecturing me. I told him I was just being fashionably late, but believe it or not he never seemed too impressed with that one. Most the time he just docked my wages and all around made my day at work as hellish as possible... and that wasn't exactly the greatest thing that could ever happen to me today, considering I had a hangover the size of the goddamn Midgar plate, and my head felt like someone had been beating it against the wall repeatedly for the last 6 hours.

Sometimes stuff like this really makes you wonder wether you should quit drinking.

Heh, or not.

Now came the tricky part. If anyone could have seen me right now, I can only imagine what the hell they'd be thinking - a Turk creeping stealthily along the Turk office coridoor, then pausing for a second just before the door marked in stupidly large letters 'Head of the Turks' before speeding past like a damn posessed chocobo in the hope that Tseng wouldn't see.

I didn't stop to see if it worked. I strode across the hallway towards my safe haven - my office... well, if you can call a dump like that an office, flung the door open, shut it again, dropped the blinds to stop that stupid Sun agrevating my damn hangover even more and sat down at what used to be a desk, now more of a 'mountain of unfinished corperate crap', and stuck my feet up on it, a smug smirk on my face.

Yeah Tseng, I've been here all along. Yup, always happy to come to work. In fact, I got here early and I was doing paperwork, thats why you never saw me come in.

Looks like I just got one up on my boss. If Tseng had noticed, I figure he'd've been here already to give me my dose of early morning lecture. That meant I could have half an hours sleep to get rid of this goddamned headache, then. I put my hands behind my head, leaned back and tried to get some sleep before anyone decided to dump a mission or something stupid like that on me.

... Ironic really aint it? Two years after the apocalypse, after the end of the world, and I'm still the same lazy asshole I was before.

I guess guys like me just dont change.

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[December 29th, 2005]
[ mood | listless ]

(( here we go, I'm finally starting x3 *shoots self* ))

Its been two years since Meteor had been silenced..

Two years... although it sounds so small when you say it; living those years felt like they could have lasted a lifetime.. It just seemed so unreal.

I've been spending the whole day cleaning up around the church of Sector 5- and its not been exctiting in the least. I really do hate admitting it, but I kindof.. well, miss having constant action, the being-on-edge feeling in my gut I used to always carry.. I know it sounds immature- but I guess it goes as they say.. about how you can't teach an old dog new habits.

..Wait... did that even really make any sense? Oh well. Who cares.

It doesn't matter anyway. Tifa and I are getting along perfectly fine with our orphanidge, along with the 'Strife Delivery Service' which brings decent income.. things are actually looking quite holy compared to our stands back during the planet crisis. The times where we were so desperate, and where our own lives didn't seem to matter so much as we plunged into our fates.

Which... I still haven't come terms with on. But whatever. Perhaps I am just stubborn...

I continue to carry dismantled planks through the corridor of the Church hall and enjoy the glow the flowers eminate off of the ceiling. No matter how rotten Midgar had been, this place still carries a sense of hope for life and nature.

Ironic, really.

Hauling the wooden slabs out, I wipe my forehead and look up at the plate above, sighing out.

"Today.. is going to be another long, hot day."

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Update [December 17th, 2005]
[ mood | relieved ]

shounen_ai_ac is now open to In-character posting and IC POSTING ALONE.OOC posts here on will be removed.

Members please read before rp-ingCollapse )</span>

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