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WARNING- THIS COMMUNITY CONTAINS HOMOSEXUAL (man x man, woman x woman) CONTENT. If you have any objections to yaoi or yuri then leave. Enter at your own risk.

Final Fantasy 7 Yaoi rolplay- a romance RPG based on the seiries Final Fantasy seven- where all your favorite FF7 boys are encouraged to play naughty.

The setting is slighly AU, since we don't want any of our adorable SHM dead, along with Sephiroth himself.. And of course, boy x boy left and right.. For the most part. The storyline is mostly improvised, events starting after the game. ( I know I know- 'Then why is it ADVENT CHILDREN Yaoi rp? Well, because if it weren't, we wouldn't have any of the AC characters involved. Bite me if you have any objections to the storyline not being so related to the storyline of AC)

Join the yaoi rpg fun!

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- Yaoi and Yuri are strongly encouraged, but straight pairings are fine as well.

- Post your applications in the community. NOTE: once you have been approved, your application WILL be deleted from the community. Feel free to email your app as well.

- No flaming or any rudeness of the such. This can result in a revoked membership. So please, be friendly.

- First person posting only.

- Be remotely IC. I mean, I do understand taking actions that a character wouldn't normally do, but at least make it SEEM like the character would do it.. and if you have to tweak a characters personality a little, stick with the aura you have created for that specific character.

- A single user can role up to two characters.

- No spamming. Absolutely no advertising for other communities, other sites or anything or the such. If you want to advertise, send me a link and your site or community will be posted under links on the useinfo page.

- Please remain active. Once a week posting is required. Inactivity will also result in removed membership.

- The rpg is rated 16+. Open Explicit content is acceptable.

- The conversations are thread-based, and may be switched to MSN, AIM and Y!M instant messaging later on.

..And, of course, have a blast. n_n

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